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Custom Interior Colours

Production cars always face the same dilemma. They all look the same; except for the exterior color variations and subtle changes to the interior décor. You just bought a new car. You know that your car is new, but something keeps telling you that your car manufacturer could have done a better job with your interior and some other features of your exterior detailing. Please don’t waste time feeling deprived! Drive in to Binu’s Car. Drive out with a ‘newer’car. Having said this, your car doesn’t have to be new. You are welcome to consult us even if your car is an older model that you are attached to. We will give it a fresh new look and feel.

We literally change everything about your car’s mundane look and make it stand out in the crowd by enhancing the color combinations, texture and quality of your seat and side panel upholstery. We do it with aesthetic perfection by adopting contemporary styling and color combinations. We even treat and change the logos and other fibre parts, as well as the plastic finishes.

We are sure that you like your car now. Come to Binu’s and we will make you fall in love with your car!